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How Upgrading My Sam’s Club Membership Saved Me A Fortune

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Sometimes paying a little more is worth it.

Key points

  • Sam’s Club is a popular warehouse club that offers volume discounts.
  • I recently upgraded to a PLUS membership.
  • This saved me money on glasses and offered me other benefits.

My husband and I are members of Sam’s Club, and we were recently offered the opportunity to get a PLUS membership instead of the membership level we had. This opportunity cost $55, but this extra expense has saved me a fortune. This is why.

PLUS membership comes with benefits that justify the price

Paying extra for the PLUS membership was worth it immediately after signing up. By paying an extra $55, we were able to save $80 on prescription glasses. So even if I didn’t get any other benefits from my upgraded membership, it was worth the cost as I immediately covered the membership dues and got more savings in my pocket.

However, that is not the only advantage of a PLUS membership. I also get free shipping on purchases. And Sam’s Cash is available on purchases at the club, including those I get with curbside pickup. I get 2% cash back on purchases thanks to Sam’s Cash, and that’s without having to sign up for a Sam’s Club credit card.

Since we routinely ship stuff from Sam’s instead of trying to drag a toddler and newborn through the store while picking up bulky items, we’ve already saved a ton on shipping fees we would have otherwise paid on our orders. And this in addition to recovering money every time we buy something. The 2% cash back is combined with our credit card rewards to defray our purchase costs and make everything we buy a little cheaper.

Sometimes it’s worth paying more

My upgraded membership from Sam is a clear example that it’s often worth buying something better from the start. It’s important to not just think about the immediate upfront expense, but to look at the big picture of how each expense could ultimately pay or cost you in the long run.

There’s always an upfront cost to join Sam’s Club, even if you don’t get a Plus membership. But paying the warehouse club fees can be worth it because of the discounted prices on many items we buy, from paper towels to laundry detergent and more. And the Plus membership costs even more, but the extra benefits it offers more than make up for the extra expense.

Of course, not everyone can afford the up-front costs to get the benefits Sam’s provides, or the Plus membership provides. But for those with a little extra cash, it’s worth doing the math to see if membership makes sense and assess what level of membership will be the best overall long-term value.

Instead of mistaking a cheaper price for a better deal, take a personalized assessment to see what financial decision makes sense for you. Much like the decision I made to get a better Sam’s Club membership, taking this approach could end up paying off over time.

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